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Go Daddy Sites Serve Up Ransomware Malware

Go Daddy Sites Serve Up Ransomware Malware

Nov 27, 2012
Domain name registrar and website hosting provider Go Daddy is responding to a DNS attack targeting a "small number" of its hosted websites that one security firm said is enabling cyber criminals to spread ransomware.  The DNS (Domain Name System) is what transfers host-names into IP addresses, meaning computers can talk to each other and users can access them online. Godaddy said, " We suspect that the affected customers have been phished or their home machines have been affected by Cool Exploit as we have confirmed that this is not a vulnerability in the My Account or DNS management systems. " The Cool Exploit Kit targets a variety of vulnerabilities, including Java errors, and has been seen spreading via drive-by attack websites. The ransomware served depends on the country of origin. In the UK, it is malware posing as a legitimate message from the Met's Police e-Crime Unit (PCeU). It locks the computer, on the grounds that the computer was guilt
Anonymous hacker arrested for attacking Home Secretary website

Anonymous hacker arrested for attacking Home Secretary website

Nov 07, 2012
In the UK a 41-year-old man has been arrested over a cyber attack on the website of the British Home Secretary Theresa May. He was arrested in a joint operation by Scotland Yard and local officers on Tuesday morning in Wedgewood Road. The man, who has not been named, was arrested on suspicion of assisting or encouraging crime contrary to the Serious Crime Act 2007. He was taken to a local police station and bailed to return in mid-December, pending further inquiries. Computers, telephones and media storage devices were seized from his home, according to police. Detective Inspector Jason Tunn, from the Metropolitan Police's eCrime Unit (PCeU), said, " The activity this morning demonstrates the commitment of the PCeU and our colleagues to combat cyber criminality anywhere within the UK and take action against those responsible. Assisting and encouraging cyber crime is a serious matter and I would advise all persons to consider their actions and any possible future consequen
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Japanese Android developers arrested for infecting 10 million users

Japanese Android developers arrested for infecting 10 million users

Oct 31, 2012
Japanese police arrested five mobile applications developers for creating and embedding a virus into smartphone applications. According to The Metropolitan Police Department, Intial reports said that about 90,000 smartphones  users were infected with a virus lurking in applications they downloaded, But later they found that developers stole more than 10 million pieces of personal information from users mobile. These guys runs an IT-related company, they created a video applications for Android smartphones containing a virus that extracts personal information stored on the phone. The man released the apps on Google Inc.'s official store for free in late March and was downloaded 270,000 times. The free apps were marketed to customers by affixing the phrase " The Movie " to existing popular game titles. When the apps are downloaded and activated, they can automatically transmit personal data. The stolen information found on the server has not been used by the malware devel
Anonymous deface UK Police forum and Dating Portal

Anonymous deface UK Police forum and Dating Portal

Oct 24, 2012
Yesterday Anonymous deface the UK Police Online web forum (https://www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk) and stole the private emails addresses of various members. The Metropolitan Police's e-Crime unit is investigating the hack and said that no computer system run by the police force had been hacked. The Hack was originally announced by an Anonymous Twitter account - Operation Jubilee (OpJubilee) , they post a mirror url of defaced page. This hack was one of the part of OpJubilee. ANONYMOUS OPERATION JUBILEE :  Under this there will be Rally of Millions people To Parliament, London on 5th of November 2012. As planned this will be a peaceful gathering at the Parliament Building in London to declare the true jubilee. Hackers send out emails to the former officers whose details were obtained during hack, with a subject line: " A message to the police and armed forces ". Message body: " Hello members of our UK police and armed forces" and called for recipients to "st
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