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How Organizations Can Defend Against Advanced Persistent Threats

How Organizations Can Defend Against Advanced Persistent Threats

Dec 25, 2019
Advanced persistent threats (APTs) have emerged to be legitimate concerns for all organizations. APTs are threat actors that breach networks and infrastructures and stealthily lurk within them over extended spans of time. They typically perform complex hacks that allow them to steal or destroy data and resources. According to Accenture , APTs have been organizing themselves into groups that enable them to share tactics and tools to carry out attacks at scale. Russian group Silence APT, for instance, has been reported to be actively targeting financial institutions and have successfully stolen millions of dollars from various banks worldwide. Smaller organizations also need to be wary of such threats. APT groups also use automated tools and botnets to gain access to networks, and these tactics don't discriminate based on size, industry, or value. Any vulnerable infrastructure can be breached. It is now critical for all organizations to understand how APTs operate and impleme
Dashboards to Use on Palo Alto Networks for Effective Management

Dashboards to Use on Palo Alto Networks for Effective Management

Jul 09, 2019
Enterprises should expect to see more cyberattacks launched against them. The data that they now gather and store have made their infrastructures key targets for hackers. Customer data and intellectual property can be sold in the black market for profit, and sensitive information can also be used by hackers to extort them. Enterprises are now aggressively shifting their workloads to the cloud which, while it has many benefits, expands their defensive perimeter and exposes them to further risks as well. As such, organizations are now widely investing in various security solutions in order to comprehensively protect their networks. Gartner expects security spending to exceed $124 billion this year. Solutions such as firewalls and threat prevention tools have increasingly become essential for enterprises. Leading firewall provider Palo Alto Networks , for example, provides companies with various measures to protect their infrastructures. It's currently being used by tens
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