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2023 Browser Security Report Uncovers Major Browsing Risks and Blind Spots

2023 Browser Security Report Uncovers Major Browsing Risks and Blind Spots

Mar 02, 2023 Browser Security
As a primary working interface, the browser plays a significant role in today's corporate environment. The browser is constantly used by employees to access websites, SaaS applications and internal applications, from both managed and unmanaged devices. A new report published by LayerX, a browser security vendor, finds that attackers are exploiting this reality and are targeting it in increasing numbers ( download report here ). The key report findings  Over half of all the browsers in the enterprise environment are misconfigured.  While a configured browser is nearly impossible to compromise, stealing data from misconfigured browsers is like taking candy from a baby. The Leading misconfigurations are improper use of personal browser profiles on work devices (29%), poor patching routine (50%), and the use of corporate browser profiles on unmanaged devices. 3 of every 10 SaaS applications are non-corporate shadow SaaS,  and no SaaS discovery/security solution can address its ris
The Definitive Browser Security Checklist

The Definitive Browser Security Checklist

Jan 25, 2023 Browser Security
Security stakeholders have come to realize that the prominent role the browser has in the modern corporate environment requires a re-evaluation of how it is managed and protected. While not long-ago web-borne risks were still addressed by a patchwork of endpoint, network, and cloud solutions, it is now clear that the partial protection these solutions provided is no longer sufficient. Therefore, more and more security teams are now turning to the emerging category of purpose-built  Browser Security Platform  as the answer to the browser's security challenges. However, as this security solution category is still relatively new, there is not yet an established set of browser security best practices, nor common evaluation criteria. LayerX, the User-First Browser Security Platform, is addressing security teams' need with the downable  Browser Security Checklist ,  that guides its readers through the essentials of choosing the best solution and provides them with an actionable che
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Streamline your zero-trust access journey with three simple steps for high-risk, remote, and hybrid users.
Mitigate the LastPass Attack Surface in Your Environment with this Free Tool

Mitigate the LastPass Attack Surface in Your Environment with this Free Tool

Jan 05, 2023 Password Management / IT Breach
The latest breach announced by LastPass is a major cause for concern to security stakeholders. As often occurs, we are at a security limbo – on the one hand, as LastPass has noted, users who followed LastPass best practices would be exposed to practically zero to extremely low risk. However, to say that password best practices are not followed is a wild understatement. The reality is that there are very few organizations in which these practices are truly enforced. This puts security teams in the worst position, where exposure to compromise is almost certain, but pinpointing the users who created this exposure is almost impossible.  To assist them throughout this challenging time, Browser Security solution LayerX has launched a free offering of its platform, enabling security teams to gain visibility into all browsers on which the LastPass extension is installed and mitigate the potential impacts of the LastPass breach on their environments by informing vulnerable users and require t
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