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Severe Security Flaw Found in "jsonwebtoken" Library Used by 22,000+ Projects

Severe Security Flaw Found in "jsonwebtoken" Library Used by 22,000+ Projects

Jan 10, 2023 Software Security / Supply Chain
UPDATE: CVE-2022-23529 Retracted Following Review Auth0 and Unit 42 said they are formally retracting CVE-2022-23529 (CVSS score: 7.6) based on the fact that several prerequisites are essential for exploitation. The cybersecurity company said "important security checks" have been added to fix the problem. "The security issue remains a concern only when the jsonwebtoken library is used in an insecure way," the maintainers said in an advisory. "In such a scenario, if all the prerequisites are met, the issue may be exploitable; however, the source of this risk is the calling code and not the library itself." A high-severity security flaw has been disclosed in the open source jsonwebtoken (JWT) library that, if successfully exploited, could lead to remote code execution on a target server. "By exploiting this  vulnerability , attackers could achieve remote code execution (RCE) on a server verifying a maliciously crafted JSON web token (JWT) reques
High-Severity RCE Vulnerability Reported in Popular Fastjson Library

High-Severity RCE Vulnerability Reported in Popular Fastjson Library

Jun 16, 2022
Cybersecurity researchers have detailed a recently patched high-severity security vulnerability in the popular Fastjson library that could be potentially exploited to achieve remote code execution. Tracked as  CVE-2022-25845  (CVSS score: 8.1), the  issue  relates to a case of  deserialization of untrusted data  in a supported feature called "AutoType." It was patched by the project maintainers in  version 1.2.83  released on May 23, 2022. "This vulnerability affects all Java applications that rely on Fastjson versions 1.2.80 or earlier and that pass user-controlled data to either the JSON.parse or JSON.parseObject APIs without specifying a specific  class  to deserialize," JFrog's Uriya Yavnieli  said  in a write-up. Fastjson  is a Java library that's used to convert Java Objects into their  JSON  representation and vice versa.  AutoType , the function vulnerable to the flaw, is enabled by default and is designed to specify a custom type when parsing
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