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Save the Date — 11th December: Anonymous to Celebrate 'ISIS Trolling Day'

Save the Date — 11th December: Anonymous to Celebrate 'ISIS Trolling Day'
Dec 07, 2015
After hacking and taking down social media accounts of ISIS members, the online Hacktivist group Anonymous is back again with its new plan to harass the Islamic State (IS) militant group that was behind the horrific terror attack in Paris. Anonymous declared total war against ISIS after the last month's Paris attacks and supposedly: Took down thousands of Twitter and social media accounts used by the ISIS terrorists Disrupted the terror group's primary communications platform Replaced one of ISIS' websites with a Viagra ad Now, the hacktivist group has declared December 11th to be " ISIS Trolling Day ," planning an organized trolling campaign against ISIS by assaulting their image through Photoshopped images, memes, videos and jokes related to the terrorist organisation. Also Read: ISIS Issues 5 Lame Tips for its Members to Avoid Getting Hacked Vanish ISIS Online Presence This campaign is also part of the group's ongoing effort

Tumblr Worm affects thousands blogs, spam offensive articles

Tumblr Worm affects thousands blogs, spam offensive articles
Dec 03, 2012
A notorious group of Internet trolls says it has unleashed a worm that has littered Tumblr blogs with inflammatory and racist posts. A massive bug affecting some 8,600 unique Tumblr users.  Gay Nigger Association of America , took responsibility for the attack. The infected post begins: " Dearest 'Tumblr' users  , This is in response to the seemingly pandemic growth and world-wide propagation of the most fucking worthless, contrived, bourgeoisie, self-congratulating and decadent bullshit the internet ever had the fortune of faciliating ." How worm work ?  Worm took advantage of Tumblr's reblogging feature, meaning that anyone who was logged into Tumblr would automatically reblog the infectious post if they visited one of the offending pages. Naked Security said . In a message posted to the company's official Twitter account, the blogging site said, " We are aware that there is a viral post circulating on Tumblr. We are working to resolve the issue as swiftly a

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