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Your Headphones Can Spy On You — Even If You Have Disabled Microphone

Your Headphones Can Spy On You — Even If You Have Disabled Microphone

Nov 23, 2016
Have you considered the possibility that someone could be watching you through your webcam? Or Listening to all your conversations through your laptop's microphone? Even a bit of thought about this probability could make you feel incredibly creepy. But most people think that they have a solution to these major issues i.e. simply covering their laptop's webcam and microphone with tape, just like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and FBI Director James Comey . But it's 2016, and a piece of tape won't help you, as a new experiment has proved that how easily hackers can turn your headphones into a microphone to spy on all your conversations in the background without your knowledge. A group of Israeli security researchers at Ben Gurion University have created a proof-of-concept code (malware) that converts typical headphones into microphones and then use them to record all your conversations in the room just like a fully-featured spying device. Speake(a)r Malware Weaponize
Hillary Clinton's Phone Intercepted by German intelligence Agency

Hillary Clinton's Phone Intercepted by German intelligence Agency

Aug 17, 2014
After the allegations that the U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ) not only conducted mass surveillance on German citizens, but also spied on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's own personal mobile phone for years, surveillance has become a big issue for Germany. So big, that Germany itself started spying on U.S. According to the reports came from the German media on Friday, the German foreign intelligence agency known as Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) hacked into at least one call during Hillary Clinton's time in office as US Secretary of State. However, the time and location have not been disclosed, but Clinton's phone calls were interrupted during her phone conversations, according to the joint investigation done by German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and German regional public broadcasters NDR and WDR. Although, after the story broke, some sources from the German government have denied the allegations of Clinton's phone calls interception and said that t
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France Government used Rogue Google SSL Digital Certificates to Spy on users

France Government used Rogue Google SSL Digital Certificates to Spy on users

Dec 11, 2013
Google has found that the French government agency using unauthorized digital certificates  for some of its own domains to perform man-in-the-middle attacks on a private network. Google security engineer Adam Langley described the incident as a "S erious Security breach ", which was discovered in early December. Rogue digital certificates that had been issued by French certificate authority ANSSI, who closely work with the French Defense agency. "In response, we updated Chrome's certificate revocation metadata immediately to block that intermediate CA, and then alerted ANSSI and other browser vendors. Our actions addressed the immediate problem for our users" Google has immediately blocked the misused intermediate certificate and updated Chrome's certificate revocation list to block all dodgy certificates issued by the French authority. In a statement, ANSSI said that the intermediate CA certificate was used to inspect encrypted traffic with the user's knowledge on a p
Who Governs The Internet and whose property is it?

Who Governs The Internet and whose property is it?

Jul 02, 2013
The recent exposes and revelations by Edward Snowden about the Top Secret Internet Snooping program currently run by US National Security Agency (NSA) have shocked the world. The extent of snooping is even more shocking and what has just stunned the world is the sheer name of top Internet companies who had shared data of all their users and not to forget except Microsoft, all of them namely Google, Facebook, and Apple have longed established themselves as the outright defenders of free speech and Right to Privacy . Many of them are funders and donors of Electronic frontier foundation in US. The recently formed renowned organization defending right to privacy and free speech on Internet . Though much is being written about the extent of snooping, leaked Memos, Obama's Admissions, NSA's careful acceptance of the snooping Program but What bothers me is the stand of Indian Government in this mess. We are reportedly 5th most spied country by US NSA under this program and
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