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Indian Government approved National Cyber Security Policy

Indian Government approved National Cyber Security Policy

May 10, 2013
The IT sector has become one of the most significant growth catalysts for the Indian economy. The government approved the National Cyber Security Policy that aims to create a secure computing environment in the country and build capacities to strengthen the current set up with focus on manpower training. The policy was approved by the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) that lays stress on augmentation of the India's indigenous capabilities in terms of developing the cyber security set-up.  The policy is not aimed only at government entities and big business, but at home users as well. It aims to create a cyber security framework that will address all related issues over a long period.  The framework will lead to specific actions and programmes to enhance the security posture of country's cyber space. Cyber Security Policy will also help in enhancing the intelligence as its integral component and help in anticipating attacks and adopt, counter measures.
Java enabled browsers are highly vulnerable

Java enabled browsers are highly vulnerable

Mar 27, 2013
Oracle has released emergency patches multiple of times in recent months for Java for one after another set of vulnerabilities . About 100 million computers reported to be vulnerable to unauthorized access via different flaw in Java software. Department of Homeland Security's US-CERT already warned users to disable Java permanently to stop hackers from taking control of users' machines. Security experts advised,'T he best defense we have right now for these kinds of attacks is to disable Java in the browser forever' . According to Websense experts, Most browser installations use outdated versions of the Java plug-in that are vulnerable to at least one of several exploits used in popular web attack toolkit. Exploit kits are a very common tool for distribution of many Java-based threats. To detect the vulnerable Java versions that are installed on systems and Websense experts, used their technology via ' threat intelligence network' , which monitors bi
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Australian medical centre infected with Ransomware Malware demanding $4000 to Unlock

Australian medical centre infected with Ransomware Malware demanding $4000 to Unlock

Dec 10, 2012
A Gold Coast, Australian medical centre computers are infected with some ransom malware by a group of Russian hackers . The hackers encrypted the practice's patient database, demanding payment of $4000 for the files to be decrypted. " Cyber criminals based mainly throughout Eastern Europe look for rich targets, places with identifying information to extort, " Mr Phair, director of the Centre for Internet Safety and a former investigator with the Australian High-Tech Crime Centre. There have been 11 similar offences in Queensland this year, according to police. David Wood, Miami Family Medical Centre's co-owner said, " We've got all the anti-virus stuff in place - there's no sign of a virus. They literally got in, hijacked the server and then ran their encryption software ". The server with encrypted information is being held offline and an IT contractor is working with the practice to restore a backup of patient records. IT security exper
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