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Canon DSLR Cameras Can Be Hacked With Ransomware Remotely

Canon DSLR Cameras Can Be Hacked With Ransomware Remotely

Aug 12, 2019
The threat of ransomware is becoming more prevalent and severe as attackers' focus has now moved beyond computers to smartphones and other Internet-connected smart devices. In its latest research, security researchers at cybersecurity firm CheckPoint demonstrated how easy it is for hackers to remotely infect a digital DSLR camera with ransomware and hold private photos and videos hostage until victims pay a ransom. Yes, you heard me right. Security researcher Eyal Itkin discovered several security vulnerabilities in the firmware of Canon cameras that can be exploited over both USB and WiFi, allowing attackers to compromise and take over the camera and its features. According to a security advisory  released  by Canon, the reported security flaws affect Canon EOS-series digital SLR and mirrorless cameras, PowerShot SX740 HS, PowerShot SX70 HS, and PowerShot G5X Mark II. "Imagine how would you respond if attackers inject ransomware into both your computer and the c
How to Run Linux Kernel on Canon DSLRs Cameras

How to Run Linux Kernel on Canon DSLRs Cameras

Apr 07, 2015
Last month, I Got a Canon's amazing and powerful video-capable DSLR Camera and was wondering if I could play a hack on it. Yes, Just like last time I installed and run Linux on my PlayStation 3 gaming console and the popular game console, the Nintendo Wii . What If I could port Linux Kernel to my DSLR Camera ?? Well, it's now possible for you to port Linux to your Canon DSLR cameras, thanks to the fine folks behind the well-known third-party software add-on, Magic Lantern . The developers of Magic Lantern have provided some incredible features to DSLR video world for free, with an open-source firmware add-on called Magic Lantern. Magic Lantern is actually an enhancement that works on top of Canon's DSLR firmware to provide professional video features that were lacking in the early video-capable Canon DSLR, including better control over audio, helpful exposure, programmable focus, audio tools and more. However, the latest work by the Magic Lantern team sounds much more e
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