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This 'Killer USB' can make your Computer explode

This 'Killer USB' can make your Computer explode

Mar 12, 2015
Can Hackers turn a remote computer into a bomb and explode it to kill someone, just like they do in hacker movies? Wait, wait! Before answering that, Let me tell you an interesting story about Killer USB drive: A man walking in the subway stole a USB flash drive from the outer pocket of someone else's bag. The pendrive had "128" written on it. After coming home, he inserted the pendrive into his laptop and instead discovering any useful data, he burnt half of his laptop down. The man then took out the USB pendrive, replaced the text "128" with "129" and put it in the outer pocket of his bag… Amen! I'm sure, you would really not imagine yourself being the 130th victim of this Killer perdrive, neither I. This above story was told to a Russian researcher, nicknamed Dark Purple, who found the concept very interesting and developed his own computer-frying USB Killer pendrive. He is working with electronic manufacturing company from where
Blackhat – Upcoming Cyber Thriller Movie

Blackhat – Upcoming Cyber Thriller Movie

Dec 15, 2014
" Hacking " is not just popular among cyber security experts and criminals, but also is a great interest for movies industries as well. Hollywood movies such as 1995 released Hackers and 2001 released Swordfish are examples of it, and now Chris Hemsworth 's new flick Blackhat . Blackhat – An upcoming cyber thriller, directed and co-written by Michael Mann ( who also directed Tom Cruise' Collateral ), in which actor Chris Hemsworth trades brawn for brains to save the world. The latest trailer for Blackhat has arrived online, and you can watch it below. Hemsworth's character in the upcoming cyber thriller is a former Blackhat hacker, named Nicholas Hathaway , who is serving a 15-year sentence for cyber crimes. He was recruited straight from prison by a mixed team of American and Chinese law enforcement officials to stop high-level cybercrime network from Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Jakarta and save the world from global hackers. Hathaway a
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