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Google to Launch 'Andromeda OS' — An Android-Chrome OS Hybrid

Google to Launch 'Andromeda OS' — An Android-Chrome OS Hybrid

September 27, 2016Wang Wei
Google's long-rumored Android-Chrome hybrid operating system is expected to debut at the company's upcoming hardware event on October 4. The company has been working to merge the two OSes for roughly 3 years with a release planned for 2017, but an "early version" to show things off to the world in 2016. Android + Chrome = Andromeda The hybrid OS, currently nicknamed 'Andromeda,' could be come on a new Pixel laptop as well as Huawei Nexus tablet from Google by Q3 2017, if not sooner, according to new leaks from 9to5Google and Android Police . Andro id + Ch rome = Andromeda The laptop, officially codenamed " Bison " and nicknamed "Pixel 3," is a reference to the "Chromebook Pixel," but since this edition is not running Chrome operating system, one can not call it a "Chromebook" anymore. Andromeda is separate from the company's Fuchsia OS , which is focused on Internet-of-Thing (IoT) devices. Moreove
Google is Merging its Chrome OS with Android

Google is Merging its Chrome OS with Android

October 30, 2015Swati Khandelwal
Google is planning to merge its Chrome OS with Android operating system and roll out a single operating system by 2017. New Android OS Optimized for Laptops: Yes, a Single Operating system for Mobile devices, desktops, laptops and notebooks, just what Microsoft is offering to its users with  Windows 10 . Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system based on the Linux kernel and designed by Google to power its Chromebook Laptops and Desktops. Here's the deal: According to a recent report published by the Wall Street Journal, Google has been working for two years to merge Chrome OS and Android, and you can expect to see an early version of the 'single OS for all' as soon as next year at Google I/O event. Is Google Killing Chrome OS? NO, Google isn't Killing Chrome OS.  Some have reported that Google might "kill" Chrome operating system, but it's not what the company has planned about. Also Read:  Google OnHub Router actu
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