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Google Chrome to Introduce Improved Cookie Controls Against Online Tracking

Google Chrome to Introduce Improved Cookie Controls Against Online Tracking

May 08, 2019
At the company's I/O 2019 developer conference, Google has announced its plan to introduce two new privacy and security-oriented features in the upcoming versions of its Chrome web browser. In an attempt to allow users to block online tracking, Google has announced two new features—Improved SameSite Cookies and Fingerprinting Protection—that will be previewed by Google in the Chrome web browser later this year. Cookies, also referred to as HTTP cookies or browser cookies, are the small pieces of information that websites store on your computer, which play an important role in improving your online experience. Cookies are created by a web browser when a user loads a particular website, which helps the website to remember information about your visit, like your login information, preferred language, items in the shopping cart and other settings. However, cookies are also being widely used to identify users and track their activities not only on the site that issued a cooki
Android Instant Apps — Run Apps Quickly Without Installation

Android Instant Apps — Run Apps Quickly Without Installation

May 19, 2016
Downloading an app is a real pain sometimes when you don't want to install the complete app on your smartphone just for booking a movie ticket, or buying something online. Isn't that? Now, Imagine the world where you can use any Android app without actually the need to download or even install it on your smartphone. This is exactly what Google has intended to offer you with its all new Instant Apps feature. Announced at Google I/O event Wednesday, Android Instant Apps will break down the walls between websites and Android apps by allowing people to tap on a URL and open an Android app instantly, without even having to install it. As a live demonstration, Google's presenter on stage showed how just clicking a Buzzfeed Video link, which has a dedicated app, opened the relevant part of an app — all in just 2 seconds. Also Read: Google Unveils AI-powered Smart Messaging App In another demonstration, the presenter showed a link to buy a camera bag at B&H Ph
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This MicroSD Card Has Entire Secure Computer Inside It

This MicroSD Card Has Entire Secure Computer Inside It

Jun 01, 2015
As Millions of Hackers, Spammers and Scammers are after your sensitive online data, you can't really expect your passwords to stay secure forever, even if you are using long passwords. Most of us might be worried about losing our passwords as we keep signing up for online services. However, Google is equally concerned about your online security and wants to help you protect your most sensitive data in a most smarter way. Google has now made what has to be one of the smallest computers ever — Project Vault. That's a really catching name announced on the second day of the annual Google I/O developers conference on Friday. Project Vault, designed by Google's ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) group, is a secure computer entirely packed onto a microSD card that can be plugged into any system whether it's a desktop or a mobile phone. The vault is technically a computer though it is not for regular computing. Rather it is a new and secure way to com
Android M — Latest Google Android OS to be Unveiled This Month

Android M — Latest Google Android OS to be Unveiled This Month

May 07, 2015
While majority of smartphone users are waiting for Android 5.0 Lollipop update for their devices, Google is soon going to launch the next version of Android at its official Google I/O 2015 developer event May 28 in San Francisco. Android M — The name of the latest version of Android mobile operating system was spotted at the Google I/O 2015 schedule under the " Android for Work Update " Session, which says… " Android M is bringing the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces. " According to the company, this will open up " huge new markets for hundreds of Millions of devices to workers at small businesses, logistics, deskless workers, and warehousing jobs. " However, Google appears to have since removed any mention of Android M from Google's I/O website, most probably the company wants to keep it as a surprise for Android users. Considering the full Android releases with starting letters in alphabetical order, — Android M — s
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