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Europol Takes Down RAMNIT Botnet that Infected 3.2 Million Computers

Europol Takes Down RAMNIT Botnet that Infected 3.2 Million Computers

Feb 25, 2015
It seems like the world has declared war against the Cyber Criminals. In a recent update, we reported that FBI is offering $3 Million in Reward for the arrest of GameOver Zeus botnet mastermind, and meanwhile British cyber-police has taken down widely-spread RAMNIT botnet . The National Crime Agency (NCA) in a joint operation with Europol's European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) and law enforcement agencies from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom has taken down the Ramnit "botnet", which has infected over 3.2 million computers worldwide, including 33,000 in the UK. Alike GameOver Zeus, RAMNIT is also a ' botnet ' - a network of zombie computers which operate under criminal control for malicious purposes like spreading viruses, sending out spam containing malicious links, and carrying out distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) in order to bring down target websites. RAMNIT believes to spread malware via trustworthy links se
New Cryptowall 3.0 Ransomware Communicates over I2P Anonymous Network

New Cryptowall 3.0 Ransomware Communicates over I2P Anonymous Network

Jan 15, 2015
We have seen a series of Ransomware tended to be simple with dogged determinations to extort money from victims. But with the exponential rise in the samples of Ransomware last year, we saw more subtle in design, including " Cryptolocker " that was taken down along with the " Gameover ZeuS " botnet last June. As a result, another improved ransomware packages have sprung up to replace it — CryptoWall . Ransomware is an emerging threat in the evolution of cybercriminals techniques to part you from your money. Typically, the malicious software either lock victim's computer system or encrypt the documents and files on it, in order to extort money from the victims. Since last year, criminals have generated an estimated US$1 million profits. Now, the infamous Cryptowall ransomware is back with the newest and improved version of the file-encrypting ransomware program, which has been spotted compromising victims by researchers early this week, security research
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After Takedown, GameOver Zeus Banking Trojan Returns Again

After Takedown, GameOver Zeus Banking Trojan Returns Again

Jul 12, 2014
A month after the FBI and Europol took down the GameOver Zeus botnet by seizing servers and disrupting the botnet's operation, security researchers have unearthed a new variant of malware based explicitly on the same Gameover ZeuS that compromised users' computers and collectively formed a massive botnet. GAMEOVER ZEUS TROJAN The massive botnet, essentially a collection of zombie computers, specifically was designed to steal banking passwords with the capability to perform Denial of Service (DoS) attacks on banks and other financial institutions in order to deny legitimate users access to the site, so that the thefts kept hidden from the users. As a result of it, Gameover ZeuS' developers have stolen more than $100 million from banks, businesses and consumers worldwide. NEW GAMEOVER ZEUS TROJAN On Thursday, security researchers at the security firm Malcovery came across a series of new spam campaigns that were distributing a piece of malware based on the Gameover Zeus code which
Gameover ZeuS Trojan Targets Users of Monster.com Employment Portal

Gameover ZeuS Trojan Targets Users of Monster.com Employment Portal

Mar 26, 2014
Zeus Trojan is one of the most popular families of Banking Trojan, which was also used in a targeted malware campaign against a Salesforce.com customer at the end of the last month and researchers found that the new variant of Zeus Trojan has web crawling capabilities that are used to grab sensitive business data from that customer's CRM instance. 'GameOver' Banking Trojan is also a variant of Zeus financial malware that spreads via phishing emails. GameOver Zeus Trojan makes fraudulent transactions from your bank once installed in your system with the capability to conduct Distributed Denial of Service, or DDoS, attack using a botnet , which involves multiple computers flooding the financial institution's server with traffic in an effort to deny legitimate users access to the site. TAREGET - EMPLOYMENT WEBSITES Now, a new variant of GameOver Zeus Trojan has been spotted, targeting users of popular employment websites with social engineering attacks , implemented t
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