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Fake Flappy Bird App Planted by Hackers to Steal Photos from Device

Fake Flappy Bird App Planted by Hackers to Steal Photos from Device

Sep 07, 2014
As far, you have probably heard about the biggest digital exposure of private and very personal nude photographs of as many as 100 female celebrities including Jenny McCarthy, Kristin Dunst, Mary E Winstead, and Oscar winner Lawrence and Kate Upton, that was surfaced on notorious bulletin-board 4chan, and anonymous image board AnonIB over the weekend. It was believed that the group of hackers allegedly taken celebrities photos from their Apple iCloud backups after their iCloud accounts were compromised, but users of devices running Google's Android could have been targeted too. A forum post on anonymous image board AnonIP shows that the group of hackers may have used a cloned Flappy Bird app to steal and collect the naked photos of females from their Android devices and then send them to remote servers. Experts believe that the group may have been stealing and trading nude and very personal photos of more than 100 female celebrities for more than two years, gather
Google and Apple app Store removing all Games with "Flappy" word in Title

Google and Apple app Store removing all Games with "Flappy" word in Title

Feb 17, 2014
After the developer of Flappy Bird pulled the gaming app from both the Apple and Google app stores, it led to the creation of dozens and dozens of Flappy Bird clones that are trying to cash in on the popularity of the original title. Also Security researchers from multiple anti-malware firms have recently identified a number of malicious versions of Flappy Bird apps. In Order to protect Smartphone users from installing malicious applications that pretend to be the one associated with the previous Flappy Bird app, Google and Apple have finally decided to reject all games and application that contain ' Flappy ' in the title on app Stores. Ken Carpenter, another app developer with Mind Juice Media, posted on his Twitter account that his newly developed app, which he named Flappy Dragon , got rejected from Apple's app Store because the name " attempts to leverage a popular app " According to Ken, 'Flappy' in app title are being rejected by Apple under a violatio
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Flappy Bird app clones send text messages to Premium Number

Flappy Bird app clones send text messages to Premium Number

Feb 15, 2014
Flappy Bird , developed by a 29-year old, Dong Nguyen , was one of the top free gaming apps of the last month, but now officially unavailable for users. After achieving income of $50,000 per day in advertising revenue, Dong Nguyen pulled out Flappy Bird gaming app from all the web app stores and now it's permanently dead. " Flappy Bird was designed to play in a few minutes when you are relaxed ," says Dong Nguyen, in an exclusive interview with Forbes. " But it happened to become an addictive product. I think it has become a problem. To solve that problem, it's best to take down Flappy Bird. It's gone forever. " Till now the reason is not clear from Dong's statement that why exactly he quit the app, but it's clear that his decision have given opportunity for hackers for creating a malicious version of this app and the app's popularity will help them to gain success in spreading Smartphone  malware to mass and hence, the malicious apps are available in play stores with
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