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FIFA World Cup 2014 | Breaking Cybersecurity News | The Hacker News

FIFA World Cup Security Team Accidentally Reveals their Wi-Fi Password

FIFA World Cup Security Team Accidentally Reveals their Wi-Fi Password

Jun 26, 2014
This FIFA World Cup, the security has been really going well and yet no calamitous incident reported so far, other than the security company who is responsible to keep an eye on the event's security, itself tweeted a photograph of their state-of-the-art monitoring centre that exposed the World Cup security centre's internal Wi-Fi password to the whole world. Israel-based security firm RISCO is providing security management at the soccer stadium and very proud of their incredible work in securing this year's World Cup, which includes monitoring and maintaining hundreds of CCTV security cameras all over the 41,000-seat Arena Pantanal football stadium in Cuiaba, Brazil. The image was originally published by news outlet Correio Braziliense, that showed the Federal Police's head of international co-operation Luiz Cravo Dorea , standing in the mulch-million-dollar security center overseen by Israeli company RISCO and was watching Live video feeds from surveillance camera
FIFA World Cup 2014, Big Opportunity for Cybercriminals

FIFA World Cup 2014, Big Opportunity for Cybercriminals

Jun 16, 2014
With the beginning of FIFA World Cup tournaments in Brazil, Football fever is going viral across the world. Soccer or Football is the most popular sport in the world with billions of fans who don't even miss a single tournament. Now, this is the most awaited and rejoicing atmosphere for Football fans as well as cybercriminals right now. For bad actors, the World Cup is a perfect opportunities to scam people online. While you are busy figuring out websites where you can stream live Fifa Matches on your PCs without missing a single moment of the world cup tournament, cyber criminals are also busy to launch phishing attacks in form of scams and malwares in order to victimize the system by several Trojans and viruses. This isn't surprising as cyber criminals have become smart enough to gain from every possible eventuality they get and their prior/common target is every time the users' interest based major news and current events. The most popular threat this World
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