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Use This Definitive RFP Template to Effectively Evaluate XDR solutions

Use This Definitive RFP Template to Effectively Evaluate XDR solutions

July 14, 2021The Hacker News
A new class of security tools is emerging that promises to significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of threat detection and response. Emerging Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions aim to aggregate and correlate telemetry from multiple detection controls and then synthesize response actions. XDR has been referred to as the next step in the evolution of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions. In fact, Gartner named XDR as the first of their Top 9 Security and Risk Trend for 2020. Because XDR represents a new solution category, there is no single accepted definition of what capabilities and features should (and shouldn't) be included. Each provider approaches XDR with different strengths and perspectives on how what an XDR solution should include. Therefore, selecting an XDR provider is quite challenging as organizations must organize and prioritize a wide range of capabilities that can differ significantly between providers. Cynet is now
(Live) Webinar – XDR and Beyond with Autonomous Breach Protection

(Live) Webinar – XDR and Beyond with Autonomous Breach Protection

September 03, 2020The Hacker News
Anyone paying attention to the cybersecurity technology market has heard the term XDR - Extended Detection and Response. XDR is a new technology approach that combines multiple protection technologies into a single platform. All the analyst firms are writing about it, and many of the top cybersecurity companies are actively moving into this space. Why is XDR receiving all the buzz? Combining (or orchestrating) security technologies in a usable manner has become the bane of cybersecurity as technology spread has overwhelmed the space. There's a massive market for cybersecurity technologies that combine and rationalize other cybersecurity technologies (see SIEM and SOAR). However, most companies find selecting, implementing, integrating, normalizing, operating, and maintaining a fully combined set of cybersecurity technologies far too daunting and only within reach of the largest companies with the deepest pockets. XDR Insights Next week, Senior Analyst Dave Gruber of E
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