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Searching for Leaked Celebrity Photos? Don't Blindly Click that Fappening Link!

Searching for Leaked Celebrity Photos? Don't Blindly Click that Fappening Link!

Mar 21, 2017
Are you curiously googling or searching torrents for photos or videos of Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried, Rose McGowan, or any other celebrities leaked in The Fappenning 2.0 ? If yes, then beware, you should not click any link promising Fappenning celebrity photos . Cybercriminals often take advantage of news headlines in order to trap victims and trick them into following links that may lead to websites containing malware or survey scams. Last week, a few private photos of Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried — ranging from regular selfies to explicitly sexual photos — were circulating on the Internet forums, including Reddit and 4chan, with UK's TV presenter Holly Willoughby and US actor Rose McGowan among the latest alleged victims. Now, according to the security researchers from MalwareBytes, scammers are exploiting this new batch of leaked celebrity photos and videos by using their stolen selfies to lure victims on social media sites and making dollars. Also Read: Hacke
Warning : Emma Watson scam worm spreading widely on Facebook

Warning : Emma Watson scam worm spreading widely on Facebook

Jul 21, 2013
Spammers have now leveraged the popularity of Harry Potter's star Emma Watson in a Facebook scam that offering tape of popular Hollywood movie star Emma Watson with a malicious link, actually spreading the malicious links and Porn images on infected user's profiles. This isn't the first time Emma Watson has been used as the bait in a scam and it surely won't be the last. The worm hitting Facebook Profiles and Groups with post of malicious porn link and tagging others too in same  post. Spammers are abusing Google Translate and Short url services to keep their links unblocked by Facebook's automated malware scanner. Click that link will redirect user to a webpage asking for "Age Verification" , as shown below: Website will ask user to follow some step, before offering the video. In Step one asking them to Click a link, that will be used in Step two and three for generating an activation code. Once user will click "Activate", he wil
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