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New Cryptojacking Campaign Targeting Vulnerable Docker and Kubernetes Instances

New Cryptojacking Campaign Targeting Vulnerable Docker and Kubernetes Instances

Oct 27, 2022
A new cryptojacking campaign has been uncovered targeting vulnerable Docker and Kubernetes infrastructures as part of opportunistic attacks designed to illicitly mine cryptocurrency. Cybersecurity company CrowdStrike dubbed the activity  Kiss-a-dog , with its command-and-control infrastructure overlapping with those associated with other groups like  TeamTNT , which are known to  strike   misconfigured  Docker and Kubernetes instances. The intrusions, spotted in September 2022, get their name from a domain named "kiss.a-dog[.]top" that's used to trigger a shell script payload on the compromised container using a Base64-encoded Python command. "The URL used in the payload is obscured with backslashes to defeat automated decoding and regex matching to retrieve the malicious domain," CrowdStrike researcher Manoj Ahuje  said  in a technical analysis. The attack chain subsequently attempts to escape the container and move laterally into the breached network, wh
Yes, Containers Are Terrific, But Watch the Security Risks

Yes, Containers Are Terrific, But Watch the Security Risks

May 23, 2022
Containers revolutionized the development process, acting as a cornerstone for DevOps initiatives, but containers bring complex security risks that are not always obvious. Organizations that don't mitigate these risks are vulnerable to attack.  In this article, we outline how containers contributed to agile development, which unique security risks containers bring into the picture – and what organizations can do to secure containerized workloads, going beyond DevOps to achieve  DevSecOps . Why did containers catch on so fast? Containers are, in many ways, the evolution of virtualization. The goal was to speed up the development process, creating a more agile route from development through to testing and implementation – a method that's more lightweight than using full-blown virtual machines, anyway. At the core of this issue is application compatibility, as applications require certain versions of libraries – which could clash with the requirements of other applications. Container
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New Docker Container Escape Bug Affects Microsoft Azure Functions

New Docker Container Escape Bug Affects Microsoft Azure Functions

Jan 27, 2021
Cybersecurity researcher Paul Litvak today disclosed an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Azure Functions that could be used by an attacker to escalate privileges and escape the Docker container used for hosting them. The findings come as part of Intezer Lab 's investigations into the Azure compute infrastructure. Following disclosure to Microsoft, the Windows maker is said to have "determined that the vulnerability has no security impact on Function users, since the host itself is still protected by another defense boundary against the elevated position we reached in the container host." Azure Functions , analogous to Amazon AWS Lambda, is a serverless solution that allows users to run event-triggered code without having to provision or manage infrastructure explicitly while simultaneously making it possible to scale and allocate compute and resources based on demand. By incorporating Docker into the mix, it makes it possible for developers to easily deploy and
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