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South Korea defense bans Smartphones for data security

South Korea defense bans Smartphones for data security

Jul 04, 2013
South Korea 's Ministry of National Defense is banning its employees from using the  smart phones inside of the ministry's building in a bid to prevent military data leaks. At present, the only way to ensure sensitive corporate and Defense data is not lost is to provide employees with devices owned and controlled by the enterprise. Staffers will still be allowed to make phone calls or use text messaging services and also visitors will also be required to leave their smartphones at the entrance, officials said Wednesday. Defense ministry employees will be required to install a smart phone application which deactivates major smart phone functions like computing, Internet connectivity and the camera. Employees will be allowed to answer and make phone calls and use text messaging services and the plan will kick in on July 15.
Blueprints of Australia's top spy agency headquarters stolen by Chinese hackers

Blueprints of Australia's top spy agency headquarters stolen by Chinese hackers

May 27, 2013
Secret and highly sensitive and $630 million building blueprints outlining the layout of Australia's top spy agency's new headquarters have been stolen by Chinese hackers. According to a report by the ABC 's Four Corners, the blueprints included floor plans, communications cabling, server locations and the security systems. The cyber attack, launched on a contractor involved in work at the site, is one of the reasons completion of the new building has been delayed. Companies including BlueScope Steel and Adelaide-based Codan, which makes radios for military and intelligence agencies, are also said have been targeted by the Chinese. Under this major hacking operations, hackers successfully breached the Defence Department's classified email system, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. A separate attack on the Defence Department involved an employee sending a highly classified document from his des
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