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Danish Bitcoin exchange BIPS hacked and 1,295 Bitcoins worth $1 Million Stolen

Danish Bitcoin exchange BIPS hacked and 1,295 Bitcoins worth $1 Million Stolen

Nov 25, 2013
The breaking news is that, another Bitcoin exchange  company gets hacked i.e. BIPS ( bips.me ), one of the largest European Danish Bitcoin payment processors. On Friday evening, a bunch of cyber criminals just broke into BIPs - Bitcoin payment processor servers and wiped out around 1,295 Bitcoin from people's wallets, currently worth $1 Million. More than 22,000 consumer wallets have been compromised and BIPS will be contacting the affected users. Initially on 15th November, Hackers launched Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on BIPS, originate from Russia and neighboring countries and then hackers attacked again on 17th November. This time somehow they got access to several online Bitcoin wallets, which allowed them to steal the 1,295 BTC. " As a consequence Bips will temporarily close down the wallet initiative to focus on real-time merchant processing business which does not include storing of Bitcoins. " company says. " All existing users will be aske
Pirate Bay co-founder 'Anakata' suspected of hacking Danish police databases

Pirate Bay co-founder 'Anakata' suspected of hacking Danish police databases

Jun 07, 2013
The Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg a.k.a  'Anakata' is suspected of being involved in one of Denmark's biggest hack attacks. Gottfrid was arrested in Cambodia in September 2012 and has been extradited from Cambodia to Sweden last year, charged with hacking the IBM mainframe of Logica, a Swedish IT firm that provided tax services to the Swedish government, and the IBM mainframe of the Swedish Nordea bank. Now he is suspected in another hacking case, where he and a 20-year-old Danish hacker are suspected to have obtained access to, among other things Danish social security numbers as well as business numbers. Danish suspect was arrested on Wednesday. In January, police in Sweden told colleagues in Denmark about a Danish IP address they had found during an investigation into hacker attacks against a company handling sensitive information for the Swedish tax authority. Grave cases of hacking are punishable by up to six years in prison under
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