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Oops! WikiLeaks Website Defaced By OurMine

Oops! WikiLeaks Website Defaced By OurMine

August 31, 2017Wang Wei
OurMine is in headlines once again—this time for defacing WikiLeaks website. The notorious hacking group, OurMine, is known for breaching into high-profile figures and companies' social media accounts, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg , Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey , Google CEO Sundar Pichai , HBO , Game of Thrones and Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN). According to screenshots circulating on Twitter , the official website of WikiLeaks has reportedly been defaced by the OurMine hacking group, who left a message on the site, as shown above. WikiLeaks is a whistleblowing website that since March, has been revealing top CIA hacking secrets under Vault 7 , including the agency's ability to break into different mobile and desktop platforms , security camera live video streams , air-gap computers and many more. There is no indication of WikiLeaks servers and website been compromised, instead it seems their website has been redirected to a hacker-controlled server
Pakistan Domain Registrar PKNIC Hacked

Pakistan Domain Registrar PKNIC Hacked

February 04, 2013Mohit Kumar
PKNIC, The Pakistan domain registrar of, .pk, and others domains has been reportedly hacked again yesterday. A hackers group named PakBugs has claimed that they have successfully penetrated PKNIC servers and gained control of around 23,000 domains which included some of the most popular pakistani media websites also. This is not the first time that PKNIC servers have been compromised. Earlier a Turkish hacker successfully managed to penetrate PKNIC servers and redirected 284 .pk domains. Hacker redirect / deface many websites by changing the DNS records (DNS spoofing) of the websites which are maintained by PKNIC. However, it took the hacker 5 hour to submit all his defacement's on zone-h to make mirror's.
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