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What does the Poetry with Citadel trojan ?

What does the Poetry with Citadel trojan ?

February 23, 2013Anonymous
Recently we published an article on the attacks against Japanese banks using a new variant of the popular Zeus , one of the most prolific malware of recent history, security experts in fact have detected various versions of the popular malicious code that hit also mobile and social networking platforms . Due its flexibility the malware has been re-engineered several times by cyber criminals that adapted its structure to specific purposes and context, leaving unchanged its core capabilities of stealing banking credentials of victims. Zeus has been a huge success in the criminal circles especially for the sales model, as malware as service, implemented by its authors on many underground sites, let’s remind for example the Citadel Trojan one of the most popular on the crimeware market. Fortunately its author, known as Aquabox , has been banned from a large online forum that sells malware and other services to cyber criminals, but many security firms consider Citadel Trojan still very
PiceBOT Crimeware Kit targeting Latin America Banks

PiceBOT Crimeware Kit targeting Latin America Banks

February 03, 2013Mohit Kumar
A new Cyber Crimeware kit arrived in Hacking scenes called 'PiceBOT' just like other Latin American botnets such as vOlk (Mexico) & S.A.P.Z (Peru) and  cost just $140 in underground market for Cyber criminals. Like other amazing exploit kits, the main purpose is the distribution of malware that steals financial information through local pharming attacks. Bad bots perform malicious tasks allowing an attacker to take complete control over an affected computer for the criminal to control remotely. Once infected, these machines may also be referred to as ’zombies’. Kaspersky uncovered that this kit has already been adopted by Latin American cyber criminals to target clients of major banks and so far financial bodies from Chile, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Argentina under attack. Detected as  Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Injector , the malware having couple of dozen variants. Malware is still under observation by an
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