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Critical Security Flaws Identified in CODESYS ICS Automation Software

Critical Security Flaws Identified in CODESYS ICS Automation Software
Jun 27, 2022
CODESYS has released patches to address as many as 11 security flaws that, if successfully exploited, could result in information disclosure and a denial-of-service (DoS) condition, among others.  "These vulnerabilities are simple to exploit, and they can be successfully exploited to cause consequences such as sensitive information leakage, PLCs entering a severe fault state, and arbitrary code execution," Chinese cybersecurity firm NSFOCUS  said . "In combination with industrial scenarios on the field, these vulnerabilities could expose industrial production to stagnation, equipment damage, etc." CODESYS is a  software   suite  used by automation specialists as a development environment for programmable logic controller applications ( PLCs ). Following responsible disclosure between September 2021 and January 2022, fixes were  shipped  by the German software company last week on June 23, 2022. Two of the bugs are rated as Critical, seven as High, and two as Me

Several New Critical Flaws Affect CODESYS Industrial Automation Software

Several New Critical Flaws Affect CODESYS Industrial Automation Software
Jul 21, 2021
Cybersecurity researchers on Wednesday disclosed multiple security vulnerabilities impacting CODESYS automation software and the WAGO programmable logic controller (PLC) platform that could be remotely exploited to take control of a company's cloud operational technology (OT) infrastructure. The flaws can be turned "into innovative attacks that could put threat actors in position to remotely control a company's cloud OT implementation, and threaten any industrial process managed from the cloud," the New York-headquartered industrial security company Claroty said in a report shared with The Hacker News, adding they "can be used to target a cloud-based management console from a compromised field device, or take over a company's cloud and attack PLCs and other devices to disrupt operations." CODESYS is a development environment for programming controller applications, enabling easy configuration of PLCs in industrial control systems. WAGO PFC100/200 is

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Critical infrastructure managing software vulnerable to Unauthorized access

Critical infrastructure managing software vulnerable to Unauthorized access
Oct 25, 2012
Reid Wightman from security firm ioActive reported that there is an undocumented backdoor available in   CoDeSys  software that actually used to manage equipment in power plants, military environments, and nautical ships. The bug allow malicious hackers to access sensitive systems without authorization, Ars said. The CoDeSys tool will grant a command shell to anyone who knows the proper command syntax and inner workings, leaving systems that are connected to the public Internet open to malicious tampering and There is absolutely no authentication needed to perform this privileged command,  Reid mention. This software has been used in industrial control systems sold by 261 different manufacturers. 3S-Smart Software Solutions designs CoDeSys and recently issued an advisory that recommends users set a password, but  he is able to develop two exploit shells , one is  codesys-shell.py (to get the CoDeSys command shell without authentication) and other , codesys-transfer.py (read or w
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