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Atlassian's HipChat Hacked — Users' Data May Have Been Compromised

Atlassian's HipChat Hacked — Users' Data May Have Been Compromised

Apr 25, 2017
Atlassian's group chat platform HipChat is notifying its users of a data breach after some unknown hacker or group of hackers broke into one of its servers over the weekend and stole a significant amount of data, including group chat logs. What Happened? According to a security notice published on the company's website today, a vulnerability in a "popular third-party" software library used by its HipChat.com service allowed hackers to break into its server and access customer account information. However, HipChat did not say exactly which programming blunder the hackers exploited to get into the HipChat cloud server. What type of Information? Data accessed by the hackers include user account information such as customers' names, email addresses and hashed password information. Besides information, attackers may have obtained metadata from HipChat "rooms" or groups, including room name and room topic. While metadata is not as critical as d
You Can Now Use Messenger App without a Facebook Account

You Can Now Use Messenger App without a Facebook Account

Jun 26, 2015
Don't have Facebook account but want to use its Messenger service? Then go for it because Mark Zuckerberg wants even the people who hate Facebook to use the social network's separate Messenger service . So, you no longer need an active Facebook account to make use of the Messenger service, all you need is just your name and phone number, the company announced today. Facebook is giving a new " Not On Facebook? " option on the sign-up screen for its messaging app, which allows anyone to create an account for the Messenger app using his or her first name and phone number. Facebook to offer Messenger to people without Facebook account Facebook currently started offering this option for people in the United States, Canada, Peru, and Venezuela; the rest have to wait for the feature. Users with non-Facebook accounts will enjoy the same Messenger features, including voice and video calls, payments, stickers and GIFs. The only and major differenc
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Gamification of Facebook Messenger... New feature Coming Soon

Gamification of Facebook Messenger... New feature Coming Soon

May 19, 2015
Good news for Gamers! Users of Facebook Messenger may soon be able to play games on the messaging platform . Nearly two months ago, Facebook launched its Messenger platform , inviting developers to create apps that allow you to send and receive GIFs, sound clips, and other artistic creations within Messenger, but the social network giant don't want the fun for users to end here. Facebook has confirmed that the company is actively discussing plans with several game developers to create games that work on its Messenger platform, to make its users' experience a lot more fun and potentially more lucrative. More user engagement, More Revenue: First reported on Monday by The Information , Facebook's plan for gamification is a way to get more user engagement and more revenue. Although there are not many details about Facebook's gaming initiative, the idea sounds really interesting, as we already have our social network established over Messenger that could make
Cryptocat offers End-to End Encryption For Facebook Messenger

Cryptocat offers End-to End Encryption For Facebook Messenger

May 15, 2014
It's an era of Mass Surveillance, where Encryption has become more important today for all of us than any other time in the History. But the trouble is that Crypto programs are too hard for Non-Internet-Savvy to implement and use. Time is loudly announcing the need to switch to some alternatives that provide end-to-end encryption for communication between two devices in order to keep your personal data away from NSA's prying eyes and respect your Privacy . But, many services, including Facebook's messaging application, don't support encryption and therefore are weak in providing security of our online data, which could result in data breach either by cyber criminals or by our own Government under surveillance programs. Because Facebook's messaging application doesn't support end-to-end encryption, an Open-source and most popular crypto chat-encryption application called 'Cryptocat' has made it possible to chat with your Facebook friends and rel
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