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Google Wins Lawsuit Against Russians Linked to Blockchain-based Glupteba Botnet

Google Wins Lawsuit Against Russians Linked to Blockchain-based Glupteba Botnet

Nov 21, 2022
Google has won a lawsuit filed against two Russian nationals in connection with the operation of a botnet called Glupteba , the company  said  last week. The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York imposed monetary sanctions against the defendants and their U.S.-based legal counsel. The defendants have also been asked to pay Google's attorney fees. The defendants' move to press sanctions against Google was denied. The development comes nearly a year after the tech giant  took down  the malware's command-and-control infrastructure and initiated legal proceedings against Dmitry Starovikov and Alexander Filippov , who are said to have been in charge of running the illegal botnet. The defendants, along with 15 others, have also been accused of using the malware to create a hacked network of devices to mine cryptocurrencies, harvest victims' personal and financial data, and place disruptive ads. Gluteba is distinguished from its botnet counterparts b
Learn Ethereum Development – Build Decentralized Blockchain Apps

Learn Ethereum Development – Build Decentralized Blockchain Apps

Nov 06, 2017
As of today — 1 Bitcoin = $7300 USD (Approx 471,000 INR) At the beginning of this year, 1 Bitcoin was approximately equal to $1000, and now it has surged to a new height, marking its market capitalization at over $124 billion. Is it really too late to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum? For those wondering if they have missed the money-making boat, the answer is—NO, it's never too late to invest. In case you are new to cryptocurrency trading, we have a simple step-by-step guide on our deal store that explains how to invest in cryptocurrencies . However, the blockchain, the revolutionary technology behind Bitcoin and other digital currencies, is not always about cryptocurrencies. Though it is a decentralized public database which ensures that all transactions are properly conducted and recorded, Blockchains can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as for digital identity management, smart assets, digital voting, distributed cloud sto
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Microsoft Launches Ethereum-Based 'Coco Framework' to Speed Up Blockchain Network

Microsoft Launches Ethereum-Based 'Coco Framework' to Speed Up Blockchain Network

Aug 14, 2017
A growing number of enterprises are showing their interest in blockchains , but the underlying software fails to meet key enterprise requirements like performance, confidentiality, governance, and required processing power. However, Microsoft wants to help solve these issues and make it easier for the enterprises to build their networks using any distributed ledger. Microsoft has unveiled a framework called " Coco " — short for " Confidential Consortium " — a new open-source foundation for enterprise blockchain networks . Coco is an Ethereum-based protocol which has been designed to help commercial companies and large-scale enterprises process information on the Ethereum Blockchain with increased privacy. "Coco presents an alternative approach to Ledger construction, giving enterprises the scalability, distributed governance and enhanced confidentiality they need without sacrificing the inherent security and immutability they expect," Mark Russi
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