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CTF365 Capture The Flag - The Next Generation IT Security Training Platform

CTF365 Capture The Flag - The Next Generation IT Security Training Platform

Nov 11, 2013
For years, the Capture the Flag platform has been a common and very popular part of the hacker convention scene. Teams come from all over the world to show their skill and technique in various competitions. The CTF365 team took that interest, passion and excitement and went to a new level in their platform. That original capture the flag environment is now available to anyone from the safety and comfort of their own home. Not only is the original and fun capture the flag platform available, but the CTF365 team is bringing in red verses blue competitions, as well as an entire exploitable virtual world! While still in alpha, the development team is working tirelessly to bring a brand new approach to an original favorite to the hacker and information security community. What is CTF365? CTF365 is a revolution in the world of capture the flag, simulated attacks and Information security as a whole. Capture the flag is always a fan favorite at hacker conventions, online and
Distributed Red Team Operations with Cobalt Strike

Distributed Red Team Operations with Cobalt Strike

Feb 12, 2013
What if you could easily host malicious websites, send phishing emails, and manage compromised hosts across diverse internet addresses? This week's Cobalt Strike adds the ability to manage multiple attack servers at once. Here's how it works: When you connect to two or more servers, Cobalt Strike will show a switch bar with buttons for each server at the bottom of your window. Click a button to make that server active. It's a lot like using tabs to switch between pages in a web browser. To make use of multiple servers, designate a role for each one. Assign names to each server's button to easily remember its role. Dumbly connecting to multiple servers isn't very exciting. The fun comes when you seamlessly use Cobalt Strike features between servers. For example: Designate one server for phishing and another for reconnaissance. Go to the reconnaissance server, setup the system profiler website. Use the phishing tool to deliver the reconnaissance website through
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