Secure Your Identity Perimeter

The stakes are high when it comes to cybersecurity. No longer are we dealing with unskilled hackers trying to break into corporate systems with brute force. Today, cybercriminals are using highly sophisticated methods like social engineering, spear phishing, and BEC to target users directly and log in with valid credentials.

This is why the identity perimeter has become a critical battleground in the fight against cyberattacks. But, many businesses are still relying on outdated security strategies and tools, leaving their users and sensitive systems exposed.

To help you tackle this pressing issue, we're inviting you to join our upcoming webinar with Dor Dali, Head of Research at Cyolo. Dor has extensive experience in the field and will be sharing his insights on how to secure your identity perimeter and overcome common challenges.


Here's what you can expect from the webinar:

  • A deep dive into what the identity perimeter is and why it should be a critical focus point of your security strategy
  • Practical tips and advice on how to secure your identity perimeter, including how to deal with the challenges that may arise
  • An explanation of why Zero Trust Access is the best defense against today's advanced and highly targeted cyberattacks
  • A comparison of ZTNA platforms, including the key differences and why it's essential to choose a solution that covers all environments (cloud, on-premises, hybrid) and includes key visibility and access controls.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field and take your organization's security to the next level. Register now to secure your spot and join us for an enlightening and action-packed session.

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