Learn Programming

Whether you are looking to turn into a full-time developer or simply increasing your earnings in your current niche, learning to code can be a smart move. It is a well-known fact that recruiters strive to recruit people with technical skills, and these skills are a great way to build your own startup.

Featuring 13 courses, The Master Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle is a great way to get started. This bundle covers a range of popular programming languages and frameworks — and it's now only $34.99 at The Hacker News Deals.

Every large company today makes decisions based on data, whether it is financial or marketing. Moreover, they are able to predict future trends with sophisticated algorithms and build computer programs that automate their daily tasks.

With over 119 hours of hands-on training provided in this bundle, you will learn to handle all of these projects. The instructions in these video tutorials will set you up with a thorough understanding of Python, JavaScript, C#, C++, R, Ruby, and Java programming languages.

Learn Programming

Perfect for beginners and improvers alike, the training walks you through the fundamentals of each language. You can then put this new knowledge into practice, by creating a simple email bot, or building a website for your portfolio that showcases your work.

Among the skills you learn in this program are software development, computer science, and data science. By the end of every course, you are able to request certification so that you can prove that you have the skills you need and add them to your resume.

The courses are delivered by true experts, including Rob Percival — the best-selling instructor who has taught almost 2 million students and earned a rating of 4.5 stars on Udemy.

Order today for just $34.99 to get lifetime access to all 13 courses, usually valued at $2,594.

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