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It seems as though not a day goes by without a new story breaking about a high-level cyber attack on a major corporation or national government.

Hackers are becoming increasingly adept at breaking through a variety of super-secure firewalls, and they're not just after the riches of Fortune 500 companies.

Hackers are equally (if not more) interested in hacking into your personal computer and stealing everything from your browsing history to your banking information, and they can do so without your knowledge—even if you're browsing in the comfort of your own home.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is your first and most important line of defense against everything from individual hackers to large-scale malware attacks, and if you're still surfing the Web without one, you may as well be leaving your laptop open and unattended in a crowded coffee shop.

So What Exactly Does a VPN Do?

VPNs are specialized apps that can be installed on virtually any device that has access to the Internet, and they protect your privacy and browsing information from prying eyes.

VPNs also help you bolster online security through a series of advanced encryption techniques, safeguard your anonymity to prevent third parties from tracking your movements, drastically decrease the risk of identity theft, and more.

These services also help you sidestep content restrictions when you travel overseas, and hide your browsing history so that you won't have to worry about falling prey to a relentless onslaught of obnoxious ads and pop-ups.

ProtonVPN Plus — Most Trusted Award-Winning VPN Service

Due to a drastic increase in cyber attacks on personal computers and networks over the past few years, there are hundreds of VPN services to choose from, but not all VPNs are created equal.

Unlike most VPN subscriptions that offer limited security and decrease your browsing speed, ProtonVPN is an award-winning service that lets you browse the Web in complete anonymity and at full speed—meaning you'll never have to choose between security and bandwidth.
Created by the team behind one of the most popular encrypted email services ProtonMail, the ProtonVPN currently has more than 325 super-secure servers located in over 29 countries and counting, and OpenVPN protocols that ensure you're always browsing on secure connections, and a built-in kill switch that automatically blocks access to your data if your connection is unexpectedly compromised.

ProtonVPN takes your security so seriously that their most critical infrastructure is secured in former military bases and underground structures, as opposed to the shared and open-air server farms that so many other VPN services rely on.

ProtonVPN Security Features

Using ultra-secure AES-256 encryption technology, ProtonVPN masks every element of your online movements, and leverages Perfect Forward Secrecy tools to ensure that your encrypted traffic can't be captured and decrypted later by a third party, even if your encryption key is compromised.

  • Equipped with OpenVPN (UDP/TCP) protocol
  • Super-secure AES-256 encryption
  • DNS and Web-RTC leak-free connections
  • Uses Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • Built-in Tor support
  • No Logs
  • Excellent Speed
  • DNS leak protection and kill switch
  • Accepts payment in Bitcoin and cash
  • Extra layer of protection with Secure Core servers

Strict No-Logging Policy

Another benefit of subscribing to ProtonVPN as opposed to other, similar services is that they're based in Switzerland, which is known the world over for having some of the strictest privacy laws of any country.

This means that even ProtonVPN won't be able to track your movements, and the chances of the company being coerced by the Swiss government into leaking your information are practically nil.

ProtonVPN is also one of the most torrent-friendly VPN services on Earth so you won't have to worry about slow connections while using your preferred torrenting program.

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