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THN Deal Of the Day — Become a Ethical Hacker (Discount 96%)

Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package
We frequently receive emails and messages from our readers on how to learn hacking, how to become an ethical hacker, how to penetrate networks, how to break into computers, how to secure systems and networks and, so on.

A way to become an ethical hacker is to get a good computer hacking course, and to solve your problem of selecting one; we are introducing to you an excellent, highly cost-effective deal from our Online Courses section of THN Deals.

You can save 96% on a Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package, which offers you all the material and training you require to help you prepare to master in any of five professional hacker certifications.

So, here's the THN deal: This Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package, which normally costs $1,499, will cost you just $59.

Plus an additional discount of 10% from us for your first purchase. To avail this discount, you just need to enter this code HACKERNEWS10 at checkout.

What will you get? Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package has content of over 60 hours, which will introduce you to what you need to pass Ethical Hacker, Information Security Manager, Information Systems Security Professional, Information Systems Auditor and Forensics Investigator certification exams.

Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package will help you learn: How to breach wireless network security. How to handle digital evidence within legal standards, and much more. How to implement an Info Risk Assessment Process as well as integrate enterprise business objectives with info security policies.

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