For most of us Hacking is Technological in Nature. But, we usually forget the most important element of hacking that makes a successful hack from 10% to over 90%...

...The Human Element.

And here the Social Engineering comes in.

Social Engineering deals with non-technical kind of intrusion and manipulation that relies heavily on human interaction rather than technology.

Social Engineering is popular because the human element is frequently the weakest part of a system and most prone to mistakes.

Most businesses and organizations spend a ton of money on the latest shiny technology that promises to fix their security issues while humans are giving hackers the easiest way to get in.

Impact of Social Engineering

Social Engineering has been the primary cause of a number of the most high profile cyber-attacks in recent years. The impact of it on an organisation could result in economic loss, loss of Privacy, temporary or permanent Closure, loss of goodwill and Lawsuits and Arbitrations.

So, to mitigate the threat of social engineering issues, an organization should educate its employees and train them to protect themselves and their organization against social engineers.

However, providing training to hundreds of thousands of employees could be very expensive for an organization.

Free Social Engineering and Manipulation Training

Well, I have a FREE SOLUTION to your problem, CYBRARY.ITFree online Social Engineering and Manipulation Training Class.

This new revolutionary training program by Cybrary is designed for programmers and technology experts, as well as non-technical people who are an easy target for social engineers.

In this online, self-paced Social Engineering and Manipulation Training class, you'll learn how social engineers use their skills to build feelings of trust and relationship in their targets.

Social Engineering and Manipulation Training class from Cybrary is intended to help you better prepare yourself and your organization for the defense of social engineering attacks, as well as how to ethically use these skills for intelligence gathering.

This course covers the following topics:
  • Intro to social engineering
  • Exploitation lifecycle
  • Digital information gathering
  • Targeting
  • Digital profile reduction
  • Psychology of Social Engineering
  • Elicitation
  • Pretexting
  • Cold calling
  • Bypassing physical security
  • Post exploitation
  • Binary Evasion and many more.
Their Free and Online Social Engineering and Manipulation Training video classes include everything from Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) to advanced toolsets such as Kali Linux, Google, Maltego, Scythe Framework, Recon-NG Framework, Creepy, Portable Virtual Box, Metasploit and Hyperion & Veil.

So, JOIN Social Engineering and Manipulation Training class from Cybrary Now by Registering for Free.

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