We are just one step closer to creating a Harry Potter or 'Star Trek'-style Transporter.

However, When we talk about Teleportation, we don't typically mean Teleporting any matter from one place to another as in the Science-fiction Movies.

Rather, Teleportation involves capturing the essential information about something — its "quantum state", to recreate it exactly someplace else.

A month ago, The Hacker News had reported the battle between Quantum computers and Encryption.

Now, with the development of technology, the NIST Scientists have set a new record in the field of "Quantum Teleportation", as they successfully Teleported a small amount of data (called 'qubit') inside light particles over a distance of 60 miles (100 km) through a network of optical fiber.

Teleportation enables transfer of 'Quantum state' of a Photon to another Photon in the same state residing remotely at a far-off distance.

This Record being farthest than the previous record, which was less than four times the current one.

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"We report on Quantum teleportation over optical fiber using four high-detection-efficiency superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs)," the researchers said in their study.
These Single-Photon Detectors are made possible with advanced research and development by a team of researchers at NIST.
"These SNSPDs make it possible to perform highly efficient multifold photon measurements, allowing us to confirm that the quantum states of input photons were successfully teleported over 100 km of fiber with an average fidelity of 83.7 2.0%", said the team.
To know how the Quantum Teleportation works, see the image below:
With the full-fledged establishment of the Quantum computers, the future of Cyber security lies within.

Teleportation is a unique phenomenon in both quantum computers and quantum communication. Moreover, the technology overpowering the current computers and communication; following are considered as the achievements by NIST:
  • Unbreakable encryption
  • Advanced code-breaking

Want to know more? Download the research paper PDF and see what the future has in-store for us.

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