Hacker removed Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Timeline Cover Photo
Something unusual happened today, Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Timeline Cover Photo is removed, as shown in the above Screenshot.

Suddenly, after few hours, I got a mail from an Egyptian Hacker with nickname 'Dr.FarFar', claimed that he has hacked the Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Profile and removed the Cover Photo using a private exploit.

The hacker has not provided any technical details about the vulnerability he used, but it seems that Zuckerberg has not noticed the removed Cover Photo on his profile.

It could be possible that Zuckerberg removed his Cover Photo himself, and someone is trying to take responsibility for the changes, but I still have a positive feeling that - May be a Minor, but its a Hack!
Previously in August 2013, Palestinian programmer discovered a security flaw in Facebook that allowed him to write a post on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's personal timeline without his permission.

Well, we are trying to get more information from the hacker about the flaw, as well as contacted Facebook for confirmation of the hack. I will update the story shortly after getting more updates.

Stay Tuned!

Update: Hacker explained, he used the Report abuse option on Zuckerberg's Cover image, and choose, 'I don't like this photo of me' and then "I used Fiddler2 Debugger Program to edit the request" he said.
The Hacker News
Update: Within a few hours after 'The Hacker News' exclusive report, Mark Zuckerberg has finally restored his Cover image on Facebook Profile, as shown and but the company has not issued any statement to us.

Update: In a mail to THN, Facebook's spokesperson said, "There is no merit to this claim. We have confirmed there was no suspicious activity on the account."

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