Several Myanmar journalists have recently received warnings from Google that their Gmail accounts may have been targets of state-sponsored attacks. After they login to their Gmail accounts, warning message,"We believe state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer" was displayed on top as shown.
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Google had begun the policy of notifying users of suspicious activity in June. "We are constantly on the lookout for malicious activity on our systems, in particular attempts by third parties to log into users' accounts unauthorized." Google said in a blog post.

"If you see this warning it does not necessarily mean that your account has been hijacked. It just means that we believe you may be a target, of phishing or malware for example, and that you should take immediate steps to secure your account."

The Voice Weekly Journal's editor Aung Soe, Aye Aye Win, a Myanmar correspondent for the Associated Press, and Myat Thura, a Myanmar correspondent for the Kyodo News Agency have also received warnings from Google about these attempted attacks.

Nytimes reported, The news media in Myanmar were highly censored and restricted during five decades of military rule, but the government has lifted many of those restrictions since President Thein Sein came to power nearly two years ago.

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