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Image Credit : Sophos
Microsoft committed itself a Trustworthy Computing program, each new version of Windows has introduced new security features and significantly improved its security posture, whereas phisher took advantage of this new exclusive release.

Sophos noticed a mail pretending to come from "Microsoft Windows 8 Team", and offering a free version of Windows 8 to victim and if you click the link ..on next page a page hosted on Slovakian web server will ask you to enter your username, password, email address and server domain name.

Global phishing attacks increased by 12 percent during the first half of this year compared with the second half of 2011, to 93,462 from 83,083. Phishing attacks are most common and taking advange of hot cakes is also not new. We recommend readers to delete such mails and Do not click on such link which offer's free stuff like Windows or softwares.

Attacks decreased, however, compared with the first half of 2011, when the group reported 115,472 phishing forays.

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