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Anonymous Hackers attack Masonic Child Identification Program website

A group of computer hackers Anonymous goes by the name xPsych0path has accuse Masonichip for unwillingness to accept the forced chipping of children they are working toward mitigating it by disrupting the chipping operation. They have built their own operation, in opposition to this issue. In #OpMasonChip is designed to express publicly their anger. He had the following to say about this operation;

We are fighting against putting RFID chips inside children by masons they have plan to put chips in all of us and those who don't want it won't be able to buy and sell. So I down all those site's for them” on pastebin.

"But In actual there is no "chip" in Masonichip as it stands for Masonic Child Identification Program and includes Abduction Awareness and "Safe Kids" Education benefits to all children and parents attend events and participate." Masonichip explained on their site.

They DDOSing following sites related to them:

Update : The Hacker News works tirelessly to bring credible and informative information to the public in regards to cyber security and issues surrounding it. We obviously did not understand the true nature of the “chip” and stand corrected on that issue. However, as strong supporters of the human right to privacy we collectively do not support any “gathering” of DNA or blood samples, etc for identification in future use. At least not on a mandatory basis. We apologize for any misinformation.
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