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Security firm Zimperium developer of Android app zANTI (Android application Toolkit) now have World Best Hacker "Kevin Mitnick" in their Team.

In a Press Release ,Itzhak "Zuk" Avraham said "Zimperium is honored and excited to announce our newest member of the advisory board, world renowned hacker Kevin Mitnick.We are thrilled to have Kevin on board and feel that his leadership and consultancy will help Zimperium to get to the next level,through corporate efficiency, brand recognition and better quality solutions for our clients!"

Zimperium Ltd. is a privately owned start-up located in Tel Aviv, Israel; whichdesigns and develops cutting edge Intellectual Property in the field ofinformation security and mobile technology. The company was founded in 2010.

"Mobile devices are the new target-rich environment. Based on lessons learned in the early days of the personal computer,businesses should adopt a proactive approach to mobile security so they don't repeat the same mistakes that resulted in billions of dollars in economic loss." Mitnick said.

Mitnick joined Zimperium team to support the effort of providing advanced security protections for enterprises facing modern mobile threats,those threats were mismanaged and exposed enterprises to cyber-espionage, Mitnick also added: "It's an honor and privilege to join Zimperium to help innovate solutions in the mobile security space. It will be a new exciting and challenging pursuit ahead."

Zimperium will introduce its smartphone security solution, zCore IPS, for enterprises and mobile carriers at the Blackhat event next week.Between Blackhat & DEFCON conferences, Zimperium will host a private event named "Compile n' Crash Bash" featuring Kevin Mitnick, Zuk and the rest of Zimperium's team together with the latest Pentester's Worldcup Winner.

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