Twitter Takes Tweetdeck Offline due to Vulnerability
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Twitter has taken its Tweetdeck app offline after an apparent bug has possibly given some Tweetdeck users access to others' accounts. The web version of Tweetdeck is currently down, although older desktop editions of the software appear to continue to receive and send Tweets at the moment, and can still log out and back in.

A Sydney, Australia-based Tweetdeck user named Geoff Evason says he discovered today he was somehow able to access hundreds of other accounts through Tweetdeck. "I'm a tweetdeck user. A bug has given me access to hundreds of twitter and facebooks account through tweetdeck. I didn't do anything special to make this happen. I just logged in one day, the account was was slower than normal, and I could post from many more accounts."

And demonstrated that he could access another account by sending Tweet. Other accounts may well be affected, as Twitter quickly shut off access to Tweetdeck entirely to "look into an issue. They've offered us no comment other than their Tweet.

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