#THN Monthly ( February ) News Archive,If you miss Something !
The Hacker News

# Censorship - Global Concern, THN Magazine March Edition : https://goo.gl/bktRz

# Forget terrorists attacks here are 2012's Most Vulnerable Cities At Risk for Cyber Crime (Idiots) : https://goo.gl/4VYGf

# Slum Dog India demands Real time monitoring on Indian Gmail & Yahoo Emails. Do they really have nothing better to do? https://goo.gl/iYO5H

# Iran will probably drop nuclear development cause they think they need to Develop their own security Software, No more foreign Solution, they might suggest banning the Burka too! : https://goo.gl/QVheH

# Three Greek Anonymous hackers arrested for defacing Government Sites. They couldn't make the street protest! : https://goo.gl/EyMux

# Facebook Hacking - Student jailed for eight months. They ought to jail Facebook for having such a stupid site : https://goo.gl/PwkHt

# FAQ : DNSChanger Trojan, Impact and Solutions : https://goo.gl/IE2Qh

# How Hackers can Track your Mobile phone with a cheap setup ? https://goo.gl/YxyKK

# Anonymous does the work of angels and defaces National Consumer and Federal Trade Commission sites against #ACTA : https://goo.gl/H4Bc8

# Tor Bridge Relay to Bypass Internet Censorship : https://goo.gl/PqVG8

# Dangerous IE browser vulnerabilities, Allows remote code execution ! https://goo.gl/31n5N

# Anonymous Hackers take stock and target Nasdaq website https://goo.gl/XeNUz

# Anonymous shows a cyber army is better than any other and leaks 400 Mb Documents from US Army Intelligence Knowledge Network https://goo.gl/KL2L3

# Microsoft Store India got hacked in India ! : https://goo.gl/87HUp

# "NASA Own3d Again" - NASA Database Leaked by r00tw0rm https://goo.gl/skmUQ

# Cia.gov Tango Down - #FuckFBIFriday by Anonymous. Anonymous reports it was one of the best fucks they ever had! : https://goo.gl/dF7av

# Because Iran is sooooo very democratic they Shutdown Google ,Yahoo & other Major sites using Https Protocol : https://goo.gl/H1Ntv

# Apple Supplier Foxconn's Servers Hacked, Exposing Vendor Usernames and Passwords : https://goo.gl/fbkba

# Arab Countries websites urged to Increase Security Against Israeli Hackers and stop importing Challah bread : https://goo.gl/ZozkE

# Cryptographers : Satellite phones vulnerable to eavesdropping https://goo.gl/2aB0S

# Anonymous Hack Syrian President's Emails with Password "12345" they knew that cause he can't count higher than that : https://goo.gl/WBNFV

# YamaTough Hacker Demanded $50,000 for not releasing Stolen Symantec Source Code. Other Anons likely to hack him if he doesn't share https://goo.gl/9XqD1

# Citigroup sites hit by Brazilian Anonymous hacker #OpWeeksPayment https://goo.gl/1NO32

# Anonymous Hacks FBI and Records Conference Call. Confirms FBI stands for Fools Bastards & Idiots : https://goo.gl/ZGw4A

# NASA and Pentagon Hacker - TinKode Arrested in Romania https://goo.gl/Kw00L

# FBI will Monitor Social Media using Crawl Application. Since they can't crawl out of a paper bag we won't get too worried : https://goo.gl/hiff8

# CBS Broadcasting Hacked by Anonymous Hackers for #OpMegaUpload https://goo.gl/wyb6m

# Brazil Under Anonymous Attack - Tangara da Serra city site defaced ! I guess they are mad we named a body waxing after them https://goo.gl/QNoGj

# Woohooo! After #SopaBlackout, Congress Postpones Action on #SOPA, #PIPA : https://goo.gl/Oz4nR

# Tit for Tat - Anonymous Hackers Brings Down FBI website for #OpMegaupload. Apparently Anonymous loves a good you know what : https://goo.gl/nbhpT

# SOPA in US and Censorship in India: A cocktail to destroy Internet Freedom ! Idiots! : https://goo.gl/OQQiC

# Cyber War : Another 7000 Israel credit cards Exposed on Internet. Apparently the hackers wanted to see where the good Hanukkah shopping was : https://goo.gl/xHuX5

# Saudi hackers target Israeli stock exchange and National air carrier, mad because they didn't get a Hanukkah present : https://goo.gl/6Ayz7

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