Customer Credit Reports for Resale in Black market
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Internet security concerns grew the most, Approximately half of respondents said they were seriously concerned about viruses, spam, and the safety of online shopping. 70% of respondents said they were seriously concerned about identity theft, and 68% said they were seriously concerned about credit or debit card fraud.

MSNBC today reported that, Hackers breach into credit rating agencies and stealing customer credit reports for resale on the black market. They claim that,, or are being hacked and consumer data stolen from them.

"I'm selling super prime credit reports and scores which include all 3 bureaus and other information," brags one advertisement on one site. Hackers' claim that the credit reporting firms are easy to compromise.

The hacker explained that the trick is to open several credit report sites and keep trying random answers until one set works. A would-be credit report thief needs additional information to get credit report access, but that can often be gleaned by ordering background checks using the victim's stolen credit card. Reports stolen from and, which provide previous addresses and a host of other valuable information, also were found on the site.

Most of the sites peddling credit profiles are based in '.SU' domain space. '.SU' is the country code top-level domain for the Soviet Union, which, of course, no longer exists

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