#OpRobinHood : Thousands of United Nation logins leaked by TeaMp0isoN
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Online 'hactivist' collective Anonymous and hackers Team Poison have joined forces for a new group effort known as 'Operation Robin Hood', that plans to target banks in an effort to give money back to the people.

TeaMp0isoN today hack United nation website (www.undp.org) and leak 1000's of Login usernames, Passwords and Emails . Leaked accounts details are posted on pastebin, With a note include "The UN is a fraud! The bureaucratic head of NATO used to legitimise the Barbarism of Capitalist elite!"

"How far you have come from the first address by Thomas Jefferson where 'peace, commerce and honestfriendship' were the Modis Operandi to one today where talk of 'eliminating 350,000 people a day'as outlined by Jacques Cousteau is a academic consideration." They added.

Operation Robin Hood Video Message :
The music is overly dramatic, the text slamming on the screen feels more like a blockbuster movie than what it's trying to be. This feels like more of an Anonymous parody than a real call to arms.
First victim of Operation Robin Hood was National Bank of Long Island. The hacktivists behind Operation Robin Hood revealed the vulnerabilities present in the website of the First National Bank of Long Island.

"We have watched our brothers and sisters being refused their hard-earned money by the banks on top of being beaten and brutalised by officers during peaceful demonstrations. Congratulations banks, you have gotten our attention," reads the Anonymous and Team Poison statement.

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