International Association of Chiefs of Police Investigators Owned by Anonymous Hackers
The Hacker News

The Antisec wing of Anonymous has come out with another document release in its ongoing assault on law enforcement. A Special Agent Supervisor of the CA Department of Justice is the latest victim of Anonymous who claims that their operations against the FBI succeeded once again after managing to hack two of his Gmail accounts.

Anonymous hackers broke into two of Bacalagan's gmail accounts, his text message logs and his Google Voice voicemails, then dumped the whole thing on to a website and The Pirate Bay. Baclagan was a special agent supervisor at the Department of Justice specializing in cybercrime, and his emails contain thousands of correspondences from the private listserv of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists, spanning 2005 to 2011. So, any black hat hackers looking for tips on how to avoid being busted might want to scour the archive, which provides essentially an encyclopedia of computer forensics tips and tricks.

"We are confident these gifts will bring smiles to the faces of our black hat brothers and sisters (especially those who have been targeted by these scurvy dogs) while also making a mockery of 'security professionals' who whore their 'skills' to law enforcement to protect tyrannical corporativism and the status quo we aim to destroy," a video statement claims.
"The information in these emails will prove essential to those who want to protect themselves from the techniques and procedures cyber crime investigators use to build cases. If you have ever been busted for computer crimes, you should check to see if your case is being discussed here," Anonymous adds.

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