Anonymous Hackers hack neo-Nazis website & leak personal info of 16,000 Finns
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Anonymous Hackers have successfully hacked the neo-Nazi website and published the database of its 16000 membership application database containing personal data of some applicants from all around the country. The hack was motivated by an apparent desire to shame the Finnish government into improving data security.

In a Statement Anonymous says "We have no tolerance for any group based on racial, sexual and religion discrimination as well as for all the people belonging to them and sharing their ideologies, which is the reason why we decided to carry out last Monday's attack.". Authorities are investigating the security breaches, according to an online message attributed to Anonymous Finland.

According to the Helsingin Sanomat, the published information seems stolen from several sources: the Work Efficiency Institute, Student Alliance Osku, WinNova Länsirannikon koulutus Ltd, and Aducate - Centre for Training and Development at the University of Eastern Finland.

Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer of the Finnish internet security firm F-Secure, dubbed the attack 'irresponsible'.Israel recently rubbished claims that Anonymous had caused the failure of several governmental websites, putting the outage down to a server failure.

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