Nokia website Hacked by pr0tect0r AKA mrNRG
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NOKIA , One of the biggest Telecommunications Internet Computer software Company Website hacked by Indian Hacker "pr0tect0r AKA mrNRG" . He Deface the sub-domain of NOKIA and also Redirect Another page to Custom Created Page.
Hacker wrote "LOL, Worlds number 1 mobile company but not spending a dime for a server security! FFS patch your security holes otherwise you will be just another antisec victim. No Dumping, No Leaking!!". Mirror of Hack is also Available on Zone-h. One week before , Pakistan one of the biggest forum was also Hacked by pr0tect0r A.K.A. mrNRG in occasion of Independence Day.

Nokia Official Statement :
During our ongoing investigation of the incident we have discovered that a database table containing developer forum members' email addresses has been accessed, by exploiting a vulnerability in the bulletin board software that allowed an SQL Injection attack. Initially we believed that only a small number of these forum member records had been accessed, but further investigation has identified that the number is significantly larger.

The database table records includes members' email addresses and, for fewer than 7% who chose to include them in their public profile, either birth dates, homepage URL or usernames for AIM, ICQ, MSN, Skype or Yahoo. However, they do not contain sensitive information such as passwords or credit card details and so we do not believe the security of forum members' accounts is at risk. Other Nokia accounts are not affected.

We are not aware of any misuse of the accessed data, but we have identified that your email address was in one of the records accessed, though it contained none of the optional information, so we believe that the only potential impact to you may be unsolicited email. Nokia apologizes for this incident.

Though the initial vulnerability was addressed immediately, we have now taken the developer community website offline as a precautionary measure, while we conduct further investigations and security assessments. We hope to get the site back online as soon as possible and will post developments there in the meantime.

If you have any questions on this, please contact

The Nokia Developer website team.

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