MySpace goes down because of Internal Errors, Not Hacked !
The Hacker News
MySpace website was presented with a curious message that left many users believing that the service had been hacked. That apparently was not the case. Visitors to the social network were greeted by a largely blank page topped with the browser title bar that read "All is wrong :(" where the MySpace name would normally appear. In the upper left of the normally vibrant page was the message: "We messed up our code so bad that even puppies and kittens may be in danger. Please turn back" It was followed up with the message, "* Have your pet spayed or neutered" in the lower right.

Rumours spread quickly around the Twittersphere and in early media reports that MySpace had been hacked after an Anonymous-affiliated Twitter account referred to the hack. Members of the hactivist group recently vowed to take down the social-networking giant Facebook in November, but there is some suggestion that the group's members are not unified in this goal. Regardless, MySpace's name has not recently been named as a target for hacking.

In fact, it is a common error message page that MySpace has been using since at least 2009, which is displayed if there are errors on the website.

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