LulzSec's Leader Sabu can be at DefCon Security conference
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LulzSec's Leader Sabu can be at DefCon Security conference in Las Vegas these days. According to a Article on PCMag , Author note some Tweet chat Between "Sabu" and "th3j35t3r".

The LulzSec leader Sabu claimed to have been available in DefCon via a tweet. "#DEFCON Come find me in the middle of the vendor room, directly opposite No Starch Press. Mention ANTISEC and get a free sticker. #fuckfeds". On this thejester (th3j35t3r), claimed to be at DefCon as well and challenged Sabu to meet with him in public. Sabu Replied via tweeting: "@th3j35t3r Again, you're still trying to set me up with #feds. How about you MAN UP and meet me privately. I'm not going to jail for you.".
The Hacker News

It's unconfirmed as yet whether Sabu was truly in attendance at DefCon. In one tweet, Sabu does refer to "two feds that came to the booth," presumably the No Starch Press booth on the vendor floor at DefCon: "One bald with maroon shirt. And the other with a crewcut Buy a calendar and you might see me LOL."Nor is it clear if thejester was actually at the conference, either though he did claim to have left a note where Sabu and others might find it: "@anonymousabu I left a note on the #defcon 19 signing sign outside the vendor room, if you are here open it tell me what it says.".

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