Hackers Get Hacked at #Defcon 19 Conference
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There are so many ways to get hacked at the world's largest hacker conference. A hacker could bump against your pocket with a card reader that steals your credit card information. Or a hacker might eavesdrop on your Internet traffic through an unsecured Wi-Fi network. Or a hacker might compromise your cell phone while you charge it in the hotel's public phone-charging kiosk. More than 10,000 hackers and security experts have descended upon the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas this weekend for three days of lectures and contests. A hacker with name Coderman claim about such an incident Happens at Rao Hotel

Well by early Saturday morning a weapon was deployed in DefCon. Some characteristics of Hack Attack :
- full active MitM against CDMA and 4G connections from Rio to carriers.
- MitM positioning for remote exploitation to ring0 on Android and PC.
- fall back to userspace only or non-persistent methods when persistent root kit unattainable.
- many attack trees and weaponized exploits. escalation from easy owned up to specialized techniques and tactics until success is achieved.
- simultaneous attack across CDMA and 4G connections using full power in these Licensed bands.
- operated continuously from early Saturday until 8am Monday.
- designed with intent: mass exploitation, reconnaissance, exfiltration, eavesdropping.

Now How you can Judge that, You got Hacked in Defcon 19 Conference at Rao :
- did you accept an upgrade for Android, Java, or other applications?
- did you notice 3G/4G signal anomalies, including full signal yet poor bandwidth or no link?
- did you notice your Android at full charged plugged in, but dropping to <50% charge once unplugged?
- did you notice 4G download speeds at quarter of usual, yet uploads over twice as fast?
- did you notice Android services that immediately respawn when killed? (Voice Search?)
- does your Android no longer connect to USB debugging yet adbd is alive?
- does your PC have an sshd that cannot be kill -9'd?
- did your Android crash - a hard freeze, and then take a long time to reboot?
...many other indicators, but for now that's sufficient to express the point.

Coderman Claim that in fact Hackers probably didn't even notice as it pilfered bytes off your devices and monitored their conversations. At last he says "to those who got pwned, i would be interested in your experiences and binaries:
ID 9B65F087 , FP = 1029 E3E0 F22A C73D B2D6 468F 2798 76BB 9B65 F087
gpg --keyserver pool.sks-keyservers.net --recv-keys 9B65F087
gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --recv-keys 9B65F087
gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys 9B65F087".

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