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Facebook Status Update With XFBML Injection

Facebook Status Update With XFBML Injection

i Last week Acizninja DeadcOde share Tweaking Facebook Status with HTML button. Well today he is going to share another kind of cool tricks to tweak Facebook Status Update using XFBML Injection. With this tweak, we will do an injection on Facebook URL and then share the results of the injections on our Facebook status .Here's the preview and the url code :



[code]{'href'%3A''%2C'name'%3A'+<center><button+type%3D"button">Fail + book = Facebook<%2Fbutton><%2Fcenter><fb%3Acaptcha+showalways%3D"true"+%2F><input+type%3D"submit"+%2F><%2Fform><button+type%3D"button">kirim+<%2Fbutton>%27}

Happy Tweaking,
[Source] and Credit to : Acizninja DeadcOde

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