DerbyCon 2011 Security Conference - Louisville, Kentucky
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Welcome to a new age in security conferences, a new beginning, and a new way to share in the information security space. Our goal is to create a fun environment where the security community can come together and share ideas. Before we even released the CFP, our speaker list has filled up with of some of the industry's best and brightest minds. That fact alone shows that DerbyCon is poised to change the face of security cons.
Some of these speakers include:

Dave Kennedy (ReLIK) - Founder DerbyCon, Creator Social-Engineer Toolkit, Fast-Track
Adrian Crenshaw (Irongeek) - Founder, DerbyCon,, Co-Host, ISD Podcast
Martin Bos (PureHate) - Founder, DerbyCon, Question-Defense, BackTrack Developer
HD Moore (hdm) - Founder Metasploit, CSO Rapid7
Chris Nickerson - Founder Lares Consulting, Exotic Liability
Kevin Mitnick - Founder, Mitnick Security Consulting
Ed Skoudis - Founder, InGuardians, SANS Instructor
Bruce Potter (gdead) - Founder, The Shmoo Group, Co-Founder/CFO, Ponte Technologies
Chris Gates (carnal0wnage) - Rapid7, Attack Research
Chris Hadnagy (loganWHD) - Founder,
Paul Asadoorian - Tenable Networks, Founder, Pauldotcom
Larry Pesce (haxorthematrix) - NWN Corporation, Co-Host, Pauldotcom
James Lee (egypt) - Rapid7, Metasploit Development Team
Peter Van Eeckhoutte (corelanc0d3r) - Founder, corelanc0d3r Team
Carlos Perez (darkoperator) - Tenable Networks, Metasploit Development Team
Jim O'Gorman (elwood) - Founder,
Thomas D'Otreppe (Mister_X) - Creator, Aircrack-ng
Int0x80 - Dual Core Music

DerbyCon offers both conference level talks as well as high-end two-day training for those wanting to do additional activities. There are a number of events scheduled including the awesome appearance of nerdcore rapper Int0x80 from Dual Core. Capture The Flag (CTF), Network King of the Hill, Lockpick Village, Soldering Village, and Marathon "Hacker Movie" Theater are just a few of the events scheduled. BSIDES Kentucky will also be running at the same time as the training. There will always be something for people of different interests to do while at DerbyCon, whether it be the talks during the day or training and BSIDES at night.

DerbyCon is from September 30 - October 2nd, 2011. Tickets to this event are limited – registration begins Friday, April 29, 2011. If your interested in speaking or to be a trainer, Call For Papers is now officially open and accepting submissions. Be sure to check out for more information about the con and to register!

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