Biggest ISP in Kuwait Qualitynet Side-Server Database Leaked

AnonKuwait claim to hack the Biggest ISP in Kuwait "Qualitynet" and leaked 14MB of data in sql format server-side database. Penetration of one of Qualitynet servers working for Ministry of Education having a database containing high school graduating students information. The server is Hacker have hacked the whole server and extracted an SQL dump.

Qualitynet is the biggest internet service provider in Kuwait. It owns a very big network connected to other countries in Middle East. Qualitynet shocked us all in InfoConnect exhibition when it increased the pricing of their services by 70% and it shocked us again by applying the unfair downstream cap policy. Qualitynet is one of the major factors in setting the decision of cap policy which angered people of Kuwait toward these unlawful unacceptable decisions. Qualitynet does not provide the perfect security so we encourage different organizations and ministries to cut relations with it.

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