10GB data of law enforcement agencies leaked by #AntiSec

AntiSec , Lulzsec and Anonymous Hackers once again leak a huge data of 10GB at https://vv7pabmmyr2vnflf.tor2web.org/ , hacked from 70 law enforcement agencies. The leak contain hundreds of compromising email spools, personal information about officers, police training videos, and the contents of insecure anonymous tip systems. Also Over 300 mail accounts from 56 law enforcement domains. Missouri Sheriff account dump (mosheriffs.com)7000+ usernames, passwords, home addresses, phones and SSNs. Online Police Training Academy filesPDFs, videos, HTML . Plesk plaintext server passwords (ftp/ssh, email, cpanel, protected dirs).files. "Report a Crime" snitch list compilation (60+ entries).  Stolen Credit Card information from mosheriffs.com online store also leaked on Pastebin. The Data is leaked on twitter via account @ioerror.

Update : Video from Newsy .

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